Updated: Mar 5, 2020

Q: When should I consider having my roof treated with Roofmaxx? A: One of the first signs you may notice that lets you know your shingle are dried out is black streaks or (Gloeocapsa Magmus a blue-green algae), another sign is protective granules in your gutters or on sidewalks after a rain.Q:Is there a warranty with Roofmaxx? A:Yes,Roofmaxx comes with a five year warranty that stays with the home .Q: What type of weather do I need to have my roof treated? A: As long as the temperature is above 32 degrees and 30 minutes before rain starts, however the roof can be treated after a rain when the roof is damp. Q: Will Roofmaxx damage my shrubs or grass?A: No Roofmaxx is an all natural organic spray that is safe for humans, pets, shrubs, and grass,.Q: How will my shingles look after being treated? A: Immediately after spraying your shingle will look wet, after 72 hours your shingles will look more vibrant closer to when they were new.

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